Hosting My First Poshmark Party!


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I am co-hosting my first Poshmark Party & looking for Host Picks from Posh compliant closets! The party will be Friday, Feb 9th, 2018 at 7pm PST. The theme is still to be announced. 


Comment, like & share HERE for your chance at being a Host Pick!


Poshmark has been great these days. They are so responsive with anything customer service related. It is wonderful to be part of such an awesome community.


I had totally forgotten that I applied to co-host a Posh Party ages ago. Getting the invite email from Poshmark was a very nice surprise. This will be my first Party so I have been looking for tips and suggestions.


A great blogger of The Gray Asparagus has written numerous posts about Poshmark. Here is a particular post about Posh Party Hosting that I’ve been looking at.

Here are some more Posh Party hosting tips from the Poshmark Blog itself.

Apply here to host a party of your own!


Birds of North America Planes Lovebird Dress



Birds of North America is a clothing company from Canada that makes really pretty dresses. I just ordered one called the Lovebird Dress in the black planes pattern. I could not resist! I love the print – retro airplane designs – and the dress is totally flattering with a full front button closure.

It is made of a non-stretch cotton, so I totally took a gamble on the size. I have purchased dressed from them in the past, so I emailed the designer, Hayley, from the address on the website, and she helped me pick a size that she thought would fit based on my previous purchases. Totally amazing service, and the dress fit 100% perfectly!!!

It is a little long on me since I’m kind of short, but with some heels, no problem. The look is sort of retro-vintage and a little conservative. For some reason, wearing the dress gives me an ‘I Love Lucy’ vibe. I can make this dress into a pin-up look with Victory Rolls in my hair, some red lipstick, and a pair of sweet heels.


Close-up of the awesome planes-print!!!

My favorite 00’s Abercrombie tee

00s, Fashion

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 8.01.32 PM.png

I still own the t-shirt in the above picture – it’s from Abercrombie over 10yrs ago. I used to wear it in public, believe it or not. That was around the time that tops with words saying stupid things first came in style. Early 2000s-ish. That was the era when Juicy track suits were sold at Fred Segal… 

In that above cropped out pic, I am  sitting at some brunch place in Brentwood.

Now my beloved ‘bowl of bitchy’ tee is in my ‘pajamas’ pile.

Ultimate 90s Flashback – ALLOY Catalogue!!!


Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 1.41.49 PM.png

THE Alloy Winter 1997 catalogue – one of my all time favs that came delivered through the mailbox. I kept this one because I would lust over everything on every page. And I still have it today! This is so vintage now, it’s hard to believe. Yet in my mind, this was just the other day! What happened to the time!

Take a look at some of the pages below…


Baggy clothes on skater girls. Un-feminine and un-attractive to some, but awesome, rad and cool to the rest of us.


Track stripes everywhere, like the skirt on the upper left. Those spaghetti strap tank tops were popular too.


Custoline! I had a Custo shirt, but I gave it away. Wish I kept it…

More track stripes and the rise of the ‘tear away track pant’


For some reason, this unattractive style on the above right page was something cool girl that I just would not ever be able to pull off, but was so awesome.


Camo and layering short sleeve shirts over long sleeve shirts. And little tees with graphics.


Accessories. Lots of them.

This Buzzfeed article found here has more Alloy catalogue pages, some from another catalogue I didn’t keep.

Late 90s. Best. Time. Ever.

Some of 90s style is back these days, but when styles come back, they are never really the same. Someone hurry up and build a time machine so I can go back & go shopping!!!