Oh Joy! for Target Gold Lady Planter



I caved in and bought the Gold Lady Planter by Oh Joy! for Target. But since I have not had a chance to actually plant something in it, I have decided to make it into a spare toilet roll holder. It fits 1 standard sized toilet paper roll perfectly! OK, so maybe some would say this is a bastardization of how this planter is supposed to be (the greenery on top is supposed to act like hair over her face..), but hey – it works. And it’s cute too! It really makes my bathroom interesting!

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll keep it as is, or go somewhere to get a plant to put in it. The problem with plants is the upkeep and the last time I tried to foster foliage, it was a fail.

You can buy the Oh Joy! for Target Gold Lady Planter here.


Oh joy! Home Collection Favorites

Oh joy! home collection favs


Oh joy! for Target – home collection favorites! Here you can find these lovelies. They will make your room look so cozy and sweet.
Yesterday I was in Target to pick up household essentials and really got side tracked looking at things from the Oh joy! collection. That clouds lamp was really tempting me. And the cute vase/planters. I’m no green thumb or flower collector, but I’m thinking of going back to get one of them to make my home more cozy and add some green to the indoor space. The heart ottoman is delightfully fun too, although I have absolutely nowhere to put it in my place…
Blogger and designer Joy Cho has such a fun style. Check out her blog here!