The Dragon Frappuccino at Starbucks


Dragon 1

The Dragon Frappuccino is real! I was in Starbucks yesterday and about to order a latte when I saw on their chalkboard a drawing of a dragon and the ad for this frap. Of course I had to try it!

Good news – The DRAGON FRAPPUCCINO tastes WAY better than that Unicorn one!!!

It really is just a green tea ice cream frappucino drink with some berry sweet stuff squirted into it (the red), topped with whip cream. My whip cream was dusted with matcha but I’ve seen other variations on Instagram with the berry drizzled over the whip. Note – this drink contains NO caffeine…

I don’t know how long this one will be around, so go and get yours today!


Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks !!!


Unicorn Frappucino

In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard, Starbucks has a limited edition release of The Unicorn Frappuccino from April 19 to the 23rd.

Of course, I had to try! Wearing my finest Lilly Pulitzers, I went to a nearby Starbucks only to find that they were SOLD OUT! Already?!?! Sold out of ingredients on Day #2??? Wow.

Luckily, the employee directed me to a Starbucks where I could indulge in this rare treat.

The Unicorn drink looks as pretty as all the Instagram and web photos out there, and I looked at it for a while before starting to drink it. I had heard terrible reviews of the taste and expected something disgusting. It was not bad at all, actually. The blue sour streak was a little harsh, but the pink mango flavored part was very pleasant. The whip cream on top is great because whip cream is always great. And yes, when you stir it up, it turns purple.

I’m headed out to run a few miles now. You’ll have to after drinking this. It is very sugary heavy and totally unhealthy. People at Starbucks hate making it too. See this webpage for some runny rants!

Lilly Pulitzer Matchy-Matchy!


Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 2.58.37 PM

When your dress matches your S’well bottle!!!

I love weekends and Sundays are a little sad since it means it is the last day of these mini vacations in a busy work week. Today I’m in Lilly wearing one of my Cathy shift dresses in Pool Blue Pink Lemonade with one of the Lilly x S’well x Starbucks bottles! The print on this bottle is very similar to that on my shift! And topped off with the Lilly Pulitzer Lexy sunglasses, of course, I LIVE in those!!!

What are y’all up to today? I hope enjoying this Sunday Funday!!! AND adjusting to Daylight Savings Time…

Starbucks x Lilly x S’well



The Mermaid S’well bottle in the Lilly Pulitzer and Starbucks co-lab is THE most sought after one! It sold out first! In case you didn’t know, today is the day that these exclusive bottles are up for sale online. And fans have been awake since REALLY early hours purchasing them!

Did you get your Lilly x Starbucks x S’well bottle(s) this morning?!?

FYI – This is When the Starbucks x Lilly x S’well Bottle will be on sale online!!!

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Grabbed from Lilly Pulitzer’s Twitter – this information is KEY –

FEBRUARY 28th is when the website will crash. And it will crash, if they don’t put some Queue It program up. Because EVERYONE will be flooding the site to get their hands on one of these awesome bottles – or all 4!!!

They are so pretty – I just look at them and it makes me happy!

Good luck to y’all trying to get your hands on one!!!

More Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks x S’well!

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!!! Latest S’well bottle to add to my collection !!!

These are in fact oranges, NOT peaches, like I mistakenly thought at first. This print is my favorite so far.

Now for the elusive Mermaid print…

If you call your local Starbucks, chances are these bottles are LOOOONG gone. People came in at 5am to get them at some locations, I heard. However, do not lose hope – one Starbucks I called said they are getting a shipment in late Saturday afternoon/evening for release to the shelves either that night or Sunday morning. These bottles will continue to trickle into Starbucks stores everywhere. But where is the question – a lot of Starbucks have no idea at all where they will be.

You can always wait for the Online release – whenever that will be.

Or try to win one off the Lilly Pulitzer website here!!!

Starbucks’s Colab with Lilly Pulitzer on S’well Bottles – SCORE!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

What better gift than discovering two of the Lilly Pulitzer on S’well bottles for Starbucks!!!

They are very pretty. In person, I think they look a lot prettier than the photos. S’well bottles are great too – I had one I used for years and it got quite beat up. They really do keep liquids hot or cold for a long period of time and this is great for busy people on the go with no access to a refrigerator, especially.

I am currently searching for the Peach and Mermaid bottles now!!! Has anyone been able to score these prints?!? Who out there has gotten their hands on these amazing bottles???

These are selling out like crazy and not all Starbucks locations have received them. There are plenty of articles out there saying that they will be available online at the end of the month.

Starbucks + Lilly Pulitzer + S’well = Too Hot to Handle

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In case you haven’t heard, the latest thing to be making a buzz is the Starbucks + Lilly Pulitzer + S’well bottle co-lab that is selling out across the country. People are buying these bottles out in bulk to covet and/or re-sell for double the price and more.

So, what is happening is that Starbucks is dropping these bottles in random Starbucks across the country. The Starbucks has no idea they are coming so no one can plan. They just arrive in the shipment, are put out there, and snatched up in seconds. People are calling Starbucks shops everywhere (including me) to see where they have landed and if there are any left. And there are none left except on eBay…

More may come, but for now, this is the scarcity model working at its best, creating a buzz and a NEED to have this. Just imagine – if they were everywhere, it would not be so hot! I know that I am going to make sure I get my hands on one of them! I like the peach print (a part of which is above). But the Mermaids bottle it the popular one that EVERYONE wants and that sells for the most..

Once I get one, I’ll post some pics! Till then, I’m looking still…