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It has been a LOOONG time since I’ve posted anything on this blog! Hey, there’s been a lot going on :). We all say that!


ANYWAY, although things are always changing, they are pretty much always the same – I am still a Lilly Pulitzer addict and the above picture is from my latest retail-therapy splurge. You only live once so why not spend your money while you can!


I am also awaiting a huge shipment of Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes that I ordered as a pick-me-up a few days ago and will do a review of that at some point.


Until next time…



My Lilly Pulitzer Shopping Trip



After a long feeling, busy and at times pretty stressful work week, I found myself in a Lilly Pulitzer store browsing to decompress. I just took my time sifting through all the bright colors and picked out a few gems to try on. It was such a lovely experience. Lilly is such a mood-booster.

Here I am in my new Donna Romper in the Night Caw print. I love the Night Caw print!!! The Donna Romper has the shorts concealed behind a very cute skirt-like-flap with side ties. It fits true to Lilly Dress size.


See the cute ties at the side? I just love this!


My dressing room this afternoon! Lots of Night Caw hanging up. Also a very pretty lavender shirt. But I couldn’t buy ALL of it (i wish i could have!).


Close up of the changing room walls – nice shell-decor.

If you don’t have a Lilly Pulitzer store close by, there is always the online shop! Shop it all here.

Ban.do Coffee Tumbler!

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Totally awesome Ban.do coffee tumbler from Cashmere & Mango, a sweet online boutique of fun stuff! Cashmere & Mango is also on Poshmark. I am so addicted to shopping, it is not even funny… But this is a very practical item for me since I am a caffeine addict. I love hanging onto cute coffee tumblers as I run around!

Poshmark Purchase of the Day – Holographic Tote



This super fun holographic tote arrived today just a couple days after I ordered it from Poshmark in @chrischerie’s closet! It is really wild and no pictures really do it justice. Definitely a statement piece. It doesn’t have any inner zip pockets or anything fancy, and is a pure tote. This one might be my beach bag, quick grocery tote, and/or coffee-shop bag. It fits a laptop comfortably and seems sturdy enough.

Just looking at this one makes you kind of wired. I like it. I need that kind of kick in my pants sometimes. Definitely not a sleepy-day tote!

As of posting this, there is ONE MORE tote just like it in Chris’s closet here!!!

Latest Poshmark Purchase from Brianna’s Closet @bowen4 !



I was super excited when the mail came yesterday and my latest Poshmark purchase arrived – this super cute nautical tank from @bowen4 ‘s Poshmark closet! Brianna’s closet (@bowen4) has so many really cute things. The tank was all wrapped up in cute tissue paper with a sweet thank you card too that made it even more exciting. The top has a really cute little bow at the back (not pictured) which makes it even more special. This top is still available in a variety of sizes here.

Mini Ban.do Haul



Rose gold bobby pins and a drink tumbler from Ban.do – my latest little shopping haul. Ban.do has the most awesome stuff. I’ve jumped right into the rose gold trend, and so has Ban.do. I can’t wait to flash these bobby pins in my hair. And the tumbler! I’ll have to hang onto it as I run around town being busy. We are all very busy and why not say it on your cup!

Check out the Ban.do site here.

Oh Joy! for Target Gold Lady Planter



I caved in and bought the Gold Lady Planter by Oh Joy! for Target. But since I have not had a chance to actually plant something in it, I have decided to make it into a spare toilet roll holder. It fits 1 standard sized toilet paper roll perfectly! OK, so maybe some would say this is a bastardization of how this planter is supposed to be (the greenery on top is supposed to act like hair over her face..), but hey – it works. And it’s cute too! It really makes my bathroom interesting!

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll keep it as is, or go somewhere to get a plant to put in it. The problem with plants is the upkeep and the last time I tried to foster foliage, it was a fail.

You can buy the Oh Joy! for Target Gold Lady Planter here.

Addicted to Shopping – But Who can Resist Good Sale Deals?!



I couldn’t help it. More mark-downs in the Aritzia sale. Most stuff is gone in my size, but there are still a few gems out there and items on my wishlist I have been eyeing all season. Why not. This is the best Aritzia sale of the year. It has become pretty much an annual tradition for me to repeatedly return to the Aritzia site and order sale things.

Like the Ernest Camisole – not at all worth $100, but on sale at $39.99? Sure! I love it and it will look great with all my rose-gold/marble trending jewelry!

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 5.50.35 AM.png

Check out the sale here!

Oh joy! Home Collection Favorites

Oh joy! home collection favs


Oh joy! for Target – home collection favorites! Here you can find these lovelies. They will make your room look so cozy and sweet.
Yesterday I was in Target to pick up household essentials and really got side tracked looking at things from the Oh joy! collection. That clouds lamp was really tempting me. And the cute vase/planters. I’m no green thumb or flower collector, but I’m thinking of going back to get one of them to make my home more cozy and add some green to the indoor space. The heart ottoman is delightfully fun too, although I have absolutely nowhere to put it in my place…
Blogger and designer Joy Cho has such a fun style. Check out her blog here!

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale



This is TODAY.

I was up early and browsing on the Lilly Pulitzer site, marking things for my wishlist. Then I noticed markdowns popping up on some items! The search was acting kind of funny. but I saw three things I really liked and quickly put them in my cart and bought them. Now, as of 6:30am ET, you cannot even access the site. They are using the Queue-it platform which is the same thing Too Faced used for the Sweet Peach launch.

I wonder if I’ll get my Cathy Shift Dress and two tops? I got a confirmation number… Hm…