Poshmark Purchase of the Day – Holographic Tote



This super fun holographic tote arrived today just a couple days after I ordered it from Poshmark in @chrischerie’s closet! It is really wild and no pictures really do it justice. Definitely a statement piece. It doesn’t have any inner zip pockets or anything fancy, and is a pure tote. This one might be my beach bag, quick grocery tote, and/or coffee-shop bag. It fits a laptop comfortably and seems sturdy enough.

Just looking at this one makes you kind of wired. I like it. I need that kind of kick in my pants sometimes. Definitely not a sleepy-day tote!

As of posting this, there is ONE MORE tote just like it in Chris’s closet here!!!





My IRO Starye’s arrived from Blue & Cream! They are true unicorn mermaid shoes. Holographic, iridescent, amazing.¬†They are SOOO pretty… And sooo small.. I mean, my foot fits in them, but I wish I got a 1/2 size bigger… But they were final sale and I love them. So. I’m keeping them. For now… I’ll have to test these out at some point. Damn, I wish they were a touch bigger! Anyone with a US size 7 shoe out there who is interested in them in case they don’t fit?!?! Aaaa! They are so pretty!!!

Holographic Adidas Superstars



I scored these super amazing holographic Adidas Superstars off eBay the other day – totally new and awesome! Took a gamble with the sizing and they fit! Yesssss!

I can’t wait to wear these with distressed light blue denim jeans and a white tee. I love anything holographic these days and these are super special!!!

For those of you who are curious about sizing – this is a size 6.5 and I usually fit a 7.5, so I actually did go a full size down. Before bidding, I did a quick Google search about sizing and came across this tip. Many people out there talked of going a full size down.

Not being able to try on shoes and buying them based on reviews about sizing can be risky. Like the time I purchased a pair of Pour La Victoire heels a full size up based on reviews. Those ended up being sold, sadly, since they were a full size too big…