Poshmark Party Hosting Tips


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And now I’ve finally co-hosted my first Poshmark Party!

Click here to see my 100 posted Host Picks I posted!

Co-hosting was a great experience. I discovered some really amazing closets and even more amazing people in the Poshmark Community.

The Party is 2 hours long and time flies by. You have to be organized if you want to post all your picks so I am very happy that I took the time to have a party-plan.

Fifty to one-hundred Host Picks are allowed. I would aim to post all one-hundred because there are thousands of amazing closets and items out there that should be showcased.

From reading various blogs and going through the process myself, I’ve collected my best tips so when you host, it will be a smashing success!!!


  • Clean up your closet – it will be highly visible
    • Best items near the top
    • Make a party listing with fun photos
      • Have it showcase the theme of the party and when it will be
      • This builds excitement and is a place for Poshers to comment, like & share
  • Use other social media platforms to promote (Insta/Blogs/Twitter/FB/Snap etc)
  • Find ~ 70-80% of your party picks before the day of the party
    • How you find them is up to you – PFFs, requests, your own searches for items you like that would best fit the theme of the party
  • Check that your picks come from Posh Compliant closets – time consuming, but important
  • Organize your potential party picks on a hidden Pinterest boards
    • Make boards called ‘Possible HPs’, ‘Definite HPs’, ‘Backup HPs
      • You will need Backup HPs – I guarantee – listings you have chosen do sell, become unavailable, or the user might suddenly start selling perfume (a banned item)
    • Make another hidden Pinterest board called ‘Posted HPs’ for during the party



  • Use at least 2 devices – e.g. computer and phone
    • I used my laptop to view the party room and pin my picks to my ‘Posted HPs’ Pinterest board
    • I used my phone to comment & share items to the party
  • Watch the clock!
    • If you want to post 100 picks, you have to aim for 25 posts per half hour.
      • Organize your breaks accordingly
      • This time will go by quickly – you will want to look at the Host Pick board, look at comments people are writing you, check last minute things about your picks – so allow for this in your time management plan
  • Keep track of what you post to the party by pinning to to a ‘Posted HPs’ Pinterest board
  •  Write a note under comments for each item you pick before you post it so the owner of the item knows that it is you who made the Host Pick
    • Pre-write the note, copy it, and paste it for each pick to save time
    • Share the item to the party right after you drop the comment/note
    • You will have time after the party to write personal comments to people if you like, but time is tight during the party
  • Decide if you want to make some spontaneous Host Picks during the party itself
    • You will get hundreds of notifications and comments from people suggesting their closets or items
    • If you are organized enough, it is fun to consider some of these for last minute picks – makes it very exciting for the active Poshmark users following the party feed!
  • Think about the order in which you post items to the party
    • What is posted later shows up first in the Host Pick gallery
    • Post your favorite items and your own items if you choose near the end of the party for visibility
    • Yes, you are allowed to post 5-10 of your own items and it is encouraged that you do so – especially if you need the exposure!



  • Thank everyone, respond to notes, bookmark new closets you have discovered, relax!


I hope this is helpful!



My Pinterest Lust List


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I like ‘window shopping’ on the web and have collected my likes in my Pinterest Lust List. It is a great way to bookmark cute things.

It is interesting to scroll through the Lust List and get a sense of my own taste. So far, I’ve concluded that I have quite a diverse style! From military-inspired to girly girl & everything from elegant to even gothic.


It has been a style self-discovery.


I encourage all of you to do this!

Poshmark Listing Sneak Peak!

Fashion, Sales of the Day

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 7.20.42 AM

Coming soon – something happy, sunny and uplifting to cheer you up this winter! I’ll be listing this beauty later today. Check out my Poshmark Closet for fun and happy clothes to make your day a little brighter!

Hosting My First Poshmark Party!


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I am co-hosting my first Poshmark Party & looking for Host Picks from Posh compliant closets! The party will be Friday, Feb 9th, 2018 at 7pm PST. The theme is still to be announced. 


Comment, like & share HERE for your chance at being a Host Pick!


Poshmark has been great these days. They are so responsive with anything customer service related. It is wonderful to be part of such an awesome community.


I had totally forgotten that I applied to co-host a Posh Party ages ago. Getting the invite email from Poshmark was a very nice surprise. This will be my first Party so I have been looking for tips and suggestions.


A great blogger of The Gray Asparagus has written numerous posts about Poshmark. Here is a particular post about Posh Party Hosting that I’ve been looking at.

Here are some more Posh Party hosting tips from the Poshmark Blog itself.

Apply here to host a party of your own!

Cyber Monday Stila Haul


Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 7.25.13 PM

Finally arrived in the mail today! I ordered from Stila this Cyber Monday because I really wanted the Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Wanderlust. While I was shopping, I picked up the Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner in Black Obsidian (only $4!!!), the Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Olive ($10 on sale!!!), the Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina ($15!!!), and swooped up the bonus sample of the mini black Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner in Black. Sweet!


I swear by those Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners. Although, the last two Brown ones I’ve gotten have not been as good as before…


The Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow is BRIGHT. It is SO glittery. Definitely a special occasion look for me. I’m more into the mattes and ‘natural’ look, so this is going to be for Night Outs. But I know a lot of you can pull it off during the day too! It is extremely pretty.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 7.25.22 PM

I have been doing WAY too much online shopping lately…




Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 1.53.37 PM

What better way to celebrate the first day of spring than by wearing Lilly Pulitzer? My new Jellies be Jammin top. Super bright and fun, light and airy. Perfect for a breezy spring morning by the ocean.

I have been so into Lilly Pulitzer lately. It is just so happy and fun with such bright and crazy colors. I used to buy a lot of Lululemon but their clothes turned boring and drab. Move over, Lulu, Lilly is here now! Can’t even remember the last time I bought a Lulu…

Poshmark Purchase of the Day – Holographic Tote



This super fun holographic tote arrived today just a couple days after I ordered it from Poshmark in @chrischerie’s closet! It is really wild and no pictures really do it justice. Definitely a statement piece. It doesn’t have any inner zip pockets or anything fancy, and is a pure tote. This one might be my beach bag, quick grocery tote, and/or coffee-shop bag. It fits a laptop comfortably and seems sturdy enough.

Just looking at this one makes you kind of wired. I like it. I need that kind of kick in my pants sometimes. Definitely not a sleepy-day tote!

As of posting this, there is ONE MORE tote just like it in Chris’s closet here!!!