My Lilly Pulitzer Shopping Trip



After a long feeling, busy and at times pretty stressful work week, I found myself in a Lilly Pulitzer store browsing to decompress. I just took my time sifting through all the bright colors and picked out a few gems to try on. It was such a lovely experience. Lilly is such a mood-booster.

Here I am in my new Donna Romper in the Night Caw print. I love the Night Caw print!!! The Donna Romper has the shorts concealed behind a very cute skirt-like-flap with side ties. It fits true to Lilly Dress size.


See the cute ties at the side? I just love this!


My dressing room this afternoon! Lots of Night Caw hanging up. Also a very pretty lavender shirt. But I couldn’t buy ALL of it (i wish i could have!).


Close up of the changing room walls – nice shell-decor.

If you don’t have a Lilly Pulitzer store close by, there is always the online shop! Shop it all here.


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