Starbucks + Lilly Pulitzer + S’well = Too Hot to Handle

Fashion, Other


In case you haven’t heard, the latest thing to be making a buzz is the Starbucks + Lilly Pulitzer + S’well bottle co-lab that is selling out across the country. People are buying these bottles out in bulk to covet and/or re-sell for double the price and more.

So, what is happening is that Starbucks is dropping these bottles in random Starbucks across the country. The Starbucks has no idea they are coming so no one can plan. They just arrive in the shipment, are put out there, and snatched up in seconds. People are calling Starbucks shops everywhere (including me) to see where they have landed and if there are any left. And there are none left except on eBay…

More may come, but for now, this is the scarcity model working at its best, creating a buzz and a NEED to have this. Just imagine Рif they were everywhere, it would not be so hot! I know that I am going to make sure I get my hands on one of them! I like the peach print (a part of which is above). But the Mermaids bottle it the popular one that EVERYONE wants and that sells for the most..

Once I get one, I’ll post some pics! Till then, I’m looking still…


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