Aritzia on Sale!



SALE!!! Time to go shopping! 

Online shopping is the best. I can sit in my bed in my pj’s eating chocolates while I fill up my virtual shopping cart until it reaches a crazy amount in the thousands, then slowly sift through my collection picking the favs.

Aritzia is great. I like that store. It is always on point with the trends of the day.

However, some of their clothes are so… flimsy. Like disposable clothes, almost. So because of that, it is best to purchase sale items because paying full price for something that lasts 3-4 washes or dry cleans tops… But it’s not like I ever get ‘timeless classics’ at Aritzia. It’s the shop stop to pick up your cold shoulder top du jour and try a jumper or something ridiculous.

Okay, go shop now.


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